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UWC Karate

Trevor Fredericks


Date of Birth

30 October 1963


Enshin Karate

Started training


Contact Details

18 Wilge Road, Bishop Lavis, 7940
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Website: www.enshin.co.za

Trevor Fredericks started training with Kyokushin Karate in 1979. He met Shihan Reed Oliver in 1984 and together they started a dojo in Bonteheuvel. They joined Ashihara Karate with Brian Ebden in 1987 and a year later followed Kancho Joko Ninomiya when he formed his Enshin Karate organisation. Shihan Reed Oliver and Brian Ebden were the chief instructors of the style for South Africa at the time.

In 1996, Trevor opened a dojo at the University of the Western Cape where he still acts as the coach holding the rank of Rokudan.

African Enshin Karate

UWC Dojo:Instructors-Shihan Trevor Fredericks and Shihan Reed Olivier.

John Ramsay Dojo:Instructors-Shihan Trevor Fredericks and sensei George Williams.

Shihan Trevor and Reed are training together for 30 years both 6th Dan..

Sensei George (4th Dan) is training together with Shihan Trevor and Reed for the last 27 years.

Shihan Trevor is teaching at UWC since 1996 and is also the UWC Karate coach.



Contact Details

Training Times

University of the Western Cape

Trevor Fredericks
Reed Oliver

Work: 021 959 2868
Home: 021 935 0483
Mobile: 084 250 1804

7.00 - 8.30pm

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