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Election Results

The following excerpt are taken from the Annual General Council meeting minutes which can be found under the DOWNLOAD section.

Electoral Nominees

The proposed nominees for office bearers herewith listed:


- Mr L. Beech (prop Karate Zen   Sec Funakoshi)

- Ms Mary-Ann Landers (prop Motobu Ha   Sec WSKF)

Vice Chairperson

- Ms S. Smit (prop Karate Zen      sec UCT)

- Mr B. Lakey (prop Motobu Ha   sec Ashihara)

General Secretary

- Mr H. Narker (prop Ashihara      sec IKO Sosai)

- Ms F. Harding (prop Karate Zen  sec Funakoshi)


- Mr N. Larney (prop WSKF     sec Motobu Ha)

- Mr J. Young (prop Karate Zen   sec UCT)

Additional Member

- Mr S. Rhoda (prop Karate Zen  sec Funakoshi)

- Mr A. Petersen (prop Ashihara   sec IKO Sosai)

- Mr B. van Stenis (prop Karate Zen  sec Funakoshi)

- Mr. C. Hoedemaker (prop Motobu Ha sec Hayashi Ha)

- Mr K. Hamdulay (as per constitutional allowance)

Prior to the start of the elections, Ms Jansen distributed the ballot papers. When she issued another set to the outgoing members, concern was raised that NEC members never had an additional vote in the past. Members objected to that as for example, Funakoshi Karate would have had 3 votes, one for the organisation, and one each for Ms Harding and Ms Smit. Members stated that the Constitution was clear under article 7.1.3. that the voting members of the KAWP are its Constituent bodies and not the delegates.

The outgoing President opposed this idea. Members present had a constitution which the outgoing chair had distributed a week before the elections which differed from the one that he had on the day. He stated that he had wanted to get a copy of the original Constitution from ABSA, but was informed by them that he had to get a court injunction and that he was going to do so to challenge the proceedings. When reminded that the most recent Constitution (Oct 2008) which was handed in to the Department of Sport differed from the ones he issued, he stated it was fraudulent. Members did not want to go into a debate about the Constitution and then a proposal to vote on whether the NEC should have a vote or not was taken.

Prop IKO Sosai                                Sec KSI

Members took it to a vote with 18-2 not in favour of the NEC having an additional vote which was then carried and the ballot papers handed out to the NEC members had to be returned.

New Executive Committee Office Bearers of KAWP for 2011-2012


-        Mary Ann Landers (won by a 12-8 margin)

Vice Chairperson

-        in Abeyance –to be voted on at a future meeting.

Prior to the members voting for this position, Ms Smit withdrew her nomination. The Electoral Officer then told the other candidate, Mr Lakey, that his nomination was not valid as he had to have resigned his position as an honorary member. This drew much debate where objection was raised that the candidate had to be informed and disqualified BEFORE voting should have begun.

This whole process created heated debate and a motion to postpone the proceedings was raised but rejected by the majority. Mr Lakey was asked to stand down until further notice when elections for this position will be redone.

The outgoing chair interjected that he was very unhappy with the proceedings and that he would challenge the matter legally. A proposal that the elections continue was made and members voted to continue.

Prop – UCT                                      Sec – JKA

General Secretary

-        Hoosain Narker

Prior to the members voting for this position, Ms Harding withdrew her nomination. Mr Narker accepted the position of Secretary, but remarked that had expected to contest the position.


-        Nazeem Larney (won by a 14-6 margin)

Additional Members

- Craig Hoedemaker (18 votes)

- Abubakr Petersen   (17 votes)

- Kamal Hamdulay   (15 votes)

Not accorded a position according to the Constitution

- Bas Van Stenis     (8 votes)

Prior to the members voting for this position, Mr Rhoda withdrew his nomination.

The duly elected Committee took their seats at the head of the table and the incoming chairperson thanked all members for attending the meeting and for the confidence placed in electing the new committee and mentioned that the committee will meet soon to plan the way forward. She mentioned that a matter of priority would be the position of Deputy President as well as seeing to the new membership applications and that it would be attended to at the first meeting of the New Year.

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